About Us

Our company is a leading real estate agency in Myanmar. Our company agent’s in Myanmar. Our company agent’s impact on Myanmar property-market is mainly due to our driving ambition to be the country’s most customer-centric company.

Our experience in both residential and commercial property markets in Myanmar and particularly Yangon, the Commercial Mega City of Myanmar, is drawn from the personnel’s wide span of experience in the estate industry.

Our company maintains a team of well-trained professionals who continually strive to deliver top quality 5-star service to each and every one of their clients. A team dedicated to be creative, innovative and customer-oriented, is what makes the firm different and special among all others.

Our agents fully take into account of your wants and preferences to offer you the perfect housing solution. We continuously strive to meet the demands of our clients, allowing us to improve our business techniques.

We do care about your living standard and your prosperity. Our company values are based on dedicated and we do not compromise the quality of our services.


Our mission is to deliver unique & fabulous homes and workplaces with customer-specified living standard at a great value of money. We fulfill our client’s real estate needs and wants by carefully listening, researching, and finding the most appropriate properties that meets those needs and wants.

We strongly believe that all our buyers and sellers totally deserve accurate and up-to-date market information, skilled analysis and sound real estate advice, honesty and an agent who has integrity and professionalism and who put customer’s interests on top of everything.

Sellers’ properties be sold in the shortest amount of time and for fair market value. We do believe that working hard at something you love to do, with people you trust, for the benefit of others is one of greatest experiences in life.

Wisely and carefully select the most appropriate property for your criteria.

Check the legal documents related to the ownership with lawyers.

Negotiable with the seller on your behalf to reach to the ownership a win-win situation

Handle all the transaction-related arrangements.

Carry out the property-transfer services and legal paper work with lawyers.

Successfully manage all the construction or repair works needed.  

Our agents fully into account of your wants and preferences to offer you the perfect housing solution.

1. Sales & Marketing                         9. Houses
2. Renting / Leasing10. Apartments
3. Valuation                                     11. Offices
4. Property Management                 12. Condominiums
5. Property Legal Consulting               13. Villas
6. Development Counseling                 14. Residential and Commercial Lands
7. Feasibility15. Factories
8. Land Acquisition16. Storage Facilities

 Tel: (+95)-9-5006267, (+95)-9-43157 571, (+95)-9-43157 572

 Head Office: 1016, Shwe Hintha Tower C-2, Pyay Road, 6.5 Mile, Hlaing Township Yangon, Myanmar.